IT Services

Outsourced Product Development

HMS has specialised teams on OPD to complement the existing R&D functionality of the customers by providing high value in terms of product realisations and augmenting existing team structure. delivers high quality standards of skills by experienced consultants by aligning the core development values of the customers. The teams prides in treating client commitments as its own.

Successful software product development methodologies coupled with seamless delivery, constant feedback and process monitoring mechanisms ensure not only a software product but also a sense of product ownership.

specializes in product development and focuses extensively on Product engineering approach by working as an extended arm to the clients Product Engineering Team. We assist our clients in defining product roadmaps and also collaborate in all stages of offshore product development life-cycle engineering services.

With a combination of onsite product engineers participating in product roadmaps and offshore engineering services, assists its Clients’ to launch superior products ahead of their competition by providing them on-demand technical expertise.

HMS has experience in creating Product and Cycle-Time Excellence, striking a healthy combination of onsite, offsite and offshore delivery capabilities. Our Core Product Development services encompass the entire product lifecycle including:

  • Requirements Scoping
  • Feature functionality planning & architecture design
  • Prototyping and detailed engineering design
  • Code Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Alpha, Beta & GA Testing with clients

HMS Networks provide a wide range of offshore programming services to IT and telecom equipment vendors. With multiple years of experience in offshore programming in the most rapidly developing sectors of the IT market, our software development services support the product all through its lifecycle, from design and development to sustenance and testing.

HMS is an India-based R&D company, with key focus on research and development of software products in the most advanced areas of IT and telecom industry. Our intellectual capital and know-how technologies, creates new value-added products and provides software development services that revolutionize the way of doing business and efficiently meet clients' needs.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software development services at HMS aim at providing complete support to software products throughout their life cycle. Today, HMS offers extensive expertise and value-added resources in the fields of design, development, and maintenance and testing of the products.

As a major offshore software development company, HMS partners with telecom software solutions vendors to ensure that their innovative, market-winning products stay on top of the high tech chain. At the same time, HMS expertise helps the clients to reduce the time to reach-the-market with minimum costs , thus placing the client's in a competitive position in the market.

HMS achieves this by using a software life-cycle model that requires a systematic and consistent approach to the whole cycle of software project from design & development through testing & maintenance to re-engineering and customization. Likewise, the project life-cycle management system is implemented in strict compliance with international quality standards.

Software life-cycle Management is an automated process that simplifies project management and most importantly enhances visibility of the project to the client. The fact is that, when an offshore client places a product life-cycle project, the client runs greater risks than in the cases when a separate operation within a project is outsourced.

Outsourcing a complete life-cycle gives the client much less control over the project. To address this issue, HMS has put-in all efforts in ensuring this visibility by making the project perfectly transparent, easily manageable and customizable to the client's needs.

At HMS, it begins with the client's software requirement analysis followed by planning, development and testing and post development warranty period. HMS 's track record of successful projects has proved the reliability and performance of the life-cycle model, which is the ideal choice for efficient implementation of Client's projects.

Client Requirement Analysis

In the initial stage of the process, the client requirement analysis at HMS is aimed to define the required functionality, environment and interface of the future product as well as to create its detailed functional specifications. Our experts quickly grasp and analyze the client's expectations and vision in the product development. Furthermore, HMS always thrive to go 'above and beyond' to meet the client's most challenging needs.

Project Planning

Software development can at times be inherently complex and risky. It always requires careful planning which guarantees the project completion without deviation from the targeted goal and increases its visibility to the client and the management. For HMS planning means an opportunity to re-assess all risks, establish priorities, select the best technical solutions, finalize schedules & resources and draw deadlines.

HMS executes project planning in compliance with the client's time and budget requirements. Our team of software engineers is fully dedicated to the deadlines to guarantee the timely delivery of services and solutions. Budget requirements are another important priority that HMS is committed to, and outsourcing with us will save the client a significant portion of project cost. Our clients are provided with an always-ready access to the project status.

Software Product Development

Today is the time of global competition and product life-cycle acceleration, when the need to get new products to market faster is more compelling than ever. What was once considered innovative and ground-breaking is now out-of-date and ineffective. At HMS, the logically planned software development process is future oriented.

And our expert teams combine research and development activities with cutting edge technologies to create brand new products and product categories. We also know-how to realise client's ideas successfully with sizable market-gains within less time, less risk and less cost. The client's approved functional specifications and project plan serve as the cornerstone for creation of client-tailored products and solutions.

Our highly skilled and talented workforce as well as the world-class infrastructure,state-of-the-art tools and technologies make HMS, the company of first choice for both custom software application development and product re-engineering and customization services.