Based on the experience we have gained over the years, we have developed an approach to the successful delivery of complex development projects that relies on the right skills at the right place integrated through a robust communication and liaison process. Our approach integrates Onsite and Offshore components to maximize the value received while minimizing the cost and risk.

Our Onsite team will work side by side with you at your local office. This team is responsible for gathering your User Requirements and packaging them for delivery to our Offshore team in India. All communication with our Offshore team will be managed by our Onsite team. This reduces the possibility of misinterpreting your requirements and reduces the potential frustration of communicating across time, distance and culture.

The onshore team is also your initial point to go for Issue Resolution. They are committed to your satisfaction and the overall quality of our work.

Our Offshore team is the development factory for completing the technical tasks required to meet your needs. Working under the direction of our Onsite team, the Offshore team will assist in design, develop the application/component, configure and test the solution that fulfills your User Requirements. This team is also fully committed to your satisfaction and the overall quality of our work.

In summary, the two groups of teams connected by a common methodology, effective and constant communications, are committed to the success of your engagements.